by Frank Torres (The Orlando Political Observer)

Medical Researcher Dr. spoke to the Observer on Friday afternoon, to roll out parts of her platform and to begin building her case to voters on why she should succeed her Husband, in the Florida’s 9th District. The interview was part of the former ’s media tour since announcing her wedding that took place next weekend.

“I love him and he’s my best friend. We’ve never had a relationship like this” Grayson says about her new Husband, describing their wedding on the Melbourne beach where her family has a long history. Growing up, instead of watching cartoons and sitcoms she preferred “Nova” and is proud of the academic scholarships she earned which helped pay for her education. She was also a state champion soccer player who held part time jobs scrubbing toilets and working at fast food restaurants like Hardees. It was that path she took that lead her to graduate, earning an MD and a PHD.

She proudly refers to herself as a “Card carrying nerd” and it’s her expertise in that she wants to take to Congress.

“I’ve devoted my life to helping people and as a Congresswoman I would take that experience to Washington” she says listing existing battles that revolves the health care debate, such as fighting for health care for seniors that currently doesn’t cover vision or hearing and the paid sick leave benefits asking “Who better to do that than a doctor?”

When asked if a Dena Grayson administration would be a sequel to her Husband’s take no-prisoners, all out assault on Republicans, style made him public enemy with many conservatives, she steps back and defends her husbands record on the hill, citing the amount of amendments he’s passed to legislation that have required bipartisan support. She does admit that there is a lot of overlap on policy, but imagines the work they could do together working between the chambers, if he’s also elected to Senate this November. “Could you imagine the good we could do for Central Florida if we’re collaborating. That’s first and foremost what’s important.”

Dr. Grayson hails the large Hispanic population in the 9th district, and doesn’t believe the current deal being debated to solve the Puerto Rican debt crisis goes far enough, calling the way the story is being framed as an unfair narrative that protects Wall street.

She is also sounding the alarm on the possible threat that could spread between Central Florida and Puerto Rico, where she cites CDC numbers that say up to 25% of residents on the island could contract the virus and it’s effect here at home where it could hurt tourism and continue to put pregnant women at risk of having children with birth defects.

The Minning/Grayson wedding has garnered even more publicity for the nationally watched Democratic primary which also features Grayson’s former district director and once-trusted confidante Susannah Randolph, who currently has several former supporters of the progressive firebrand working in her operation, and State Senator Darren Soto, a rising star in the Florida Democratic Party, who hopes to be the first Puerto Rican Congressman from the 9th.

“I’m not a Career Politician or Operative.” says Dr. Grayson when asked what sets her apart from the talent heavy field “I’ve actually done things for people in the real world. I’ve built things. I’ve devoted my life to finding cures for diseases.”

She believes Health Care will be one of the main issues in the race, citing a 20% rate of uncovered residents in the district, 40% of those who are Hispanic.

“Everybody deserves to see a Doctor and I will fight tooth and nail to make that happen.” she says in conclusion.

Dr. Dena Grayson: “I’m not a Career Politician or Operative”