It’s been a long and arduous journey, and the election is just a mere 5 days away. Sensing my imminent victory, several Super PACs recently decided to get involved in my Democratic primary race. So far, these not-so-Super PACs have spent over $550,000 to attack me or help my competitors. Yes, you read correctly. Multiple Super PACs. In a Democratic primary.

One of the Super PACs is being run by a Republican operative who most recently served as the controller for Marco Rubio’s 2016 Presidential campaign (I can’t make up this stuff!). This Super PAC, bankrolled by a billionaire who made his money in fracking and charter schools, is supporting one of my opponents who voted FOR mandatory invasive ultrasounds before getting an abortion and received a perfect “A” rating from the NRA. As the yentas would say, “it’s a perfect match!”

Did I mention that this is a Democratic primary?


Each day, these faceless, anonymous creatures, a.k.a. Super PACs, hurl out yet another “IE” (jargon for “independent expenditure” = nasty mail hit piece, online attack ad, or other sorts of antics) in a desperate attempt to defeat me. My “favorite” smear is that I’m “not really a doctor.” As we joked in medical school: you know what you call the person who graduates last in the medical school class? You guessed it: Doctor.

I guess that they’re afraid of having a fact-driven doctor and scientist in Washington, rather than a career politician or ladder-climbing political operative whom they can control. And the fact that they’re attacking me means what we already knew. We are winning.

Fortunately, the voters aren’t easily fooled, and we still hold a 6-point lead with well over half of the vote already cast. But we can’t let these nameless, faceless creatures defeat democracy. We only have 5 more days to go. Please help me to  defeat these Super PAC attacks!


Thanks for your amazing support!

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