Last weekend here in Orlando, a gunman killed 49 innocent people and injured 53 others. Sadly, we in Orlando are not the first to experience such unspeakable violence. Far too many innocent people have suffered across our nation. The victims, survivors, and their families deserve to know that their suffering cannot and will not be in vain. Every American should to be able to send their child to school, watch a movie at the theater, or go dancing at a nightclub without worrying about their safety.

During an average day in America, 91 people die from gun violence. It is far beyond time to enact commonsense gun safety laws to help prevent the needless death of another innocent person.

Dr. Dena Grayson has treated victims of gunshot wounds, and she will fight for commonsense gun safety measures so that we can stop worrying about gun violence and make sure that our neighborhoods and schools stay safe. Dr. Grayson proposes the following comprehensive gun safety plan:

  1. Universal background checks: We must close the so-called “gun show loophole” and require mandatory background checks for every single person who wishes to purchase a firearm. No exceptions.
  2. Assault weapons ban: We must enact a nationwide ban on the sale and possession of assault weapons, along with high capacity ammunition magazines. These allow a shooter to fire many rounds in a very short period of time, resulting in the death or maiming of scores of people in only a few minutes.
  3. Close the terrorist watch list gap: Right now, people on the government’s terrorist watch lists are legally able to purchase a gun. This must end now. We must immediately enact legislation to prohibit the sale or possession of guns by those on terrorist watch lists.
  4. Mandatory licensing of gun owners: We require a person to have a license to drive a car, and we should hold gun owners to the same standard. Every person who wishes to possess or purchase a firearm should be required to hold a gun license. To get a gun license, the person must successfully complete a gun safety-training course that includes live firing, demonstration of safe-handling procedures, and a written test of firearm laws. Every gun owner would need to register all firearms and notify the authorities if a weapon is lost or stolen.
  5. Remove the ban on federal funding of gun violence research: In order to prevent the next Orlando, Newtown, Aurora, or other attack, we need to allow the federal government to fund research on gun violence to better understand root causes and to identify potential solutions that will help keep us safe.