Why Dena

For Health, Equality, and Progress. For You.

Without your health, you have nothing.

As a doctor, I believe that no one who is suffering should ever be denied effective treatment, regardless of the ability to pay. Simply being able to “see a doctor” doesn’t help much when you’re really sick.

As a doctor, I have healed many people. In Congress, I can help to heal our country.

Affordable, effective treatment literally makes the difference between life and death.

One of my patients, Mr. V, nearly died from heart failure, simply because he couldn’t afford the tests and treatment he so desperately needed. I helped Mr. V get free medication and physical therapy, so that he could live and return to a normal life.

Dena_Minning_27676_CROP CompressedAnother one of my patients, Mrs. C, wasn’t so lucky. Although she knew she was sick, and she had desperately sought help, no one would treat her, because she didn’t have health insurance. When I first met Mrs. C, I gave her a thorough examination, without thinking about insurance coverage. I diagnosed her with throat cancer, but her cancer had already spread so much that it was untreatable.

As a young child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. The greatest gift of science to humanity is the gift of healing. I was fortunate to receive a high-quality public school education, right here in Central Florida. I worked hard, I saved my money, and I achieved my dream, becoming the first woman in my family ever to graduate from college.

I believe that everybody deserves the same chance to succeed, regardless of wealth, race, national origin, sexual orientation or gender. Just like many other middle-class Americans, I struggled hard to pay for college. Nowadays, college has become even more expensive, leaving it out of reach for far too many. I believe that the cost of college shouldn’t leave you with a lifetime burden of debt. College should be affordable for everyone, providing all Americans an equal and fair opportunity to climb the ladder of success, and reach one’s fullest potential.

The reason I am running for Congress is to help you, the People. As a doctor, I have healed many people. In Congress, I can help to heal our country. I will fight to ensure that you can keep your health, love and be loved, and achieve your dreams throughout a good long life.